About me

I'm a full-stack developer with experience in React, Angular and a bit of Blazor on the front-end, Express and Koa on the back and Mongo, MySQL and Postgres for databses.
Currently living in Espoo

My experience so far

Lead Product Engineer – Cronvall Oy

May 2022 → Current
reactjs, nextjs, typescript, node.js, mongodb

Creating a marketplace for hardware and construction goods

Full stack developer – Introduct

Nov 2021 → May 2022
reactjs, typescript, node.js, mongodb

Working with react, bootstrap, tailwind and nodejs with mongo on a backend

Senior front‐end developer – EPAM Systems

Jan 2019 → Nov 2021
angular, ngrx, reactjs, redux

Most my projects were based on Angular ﴾2+﴿ and ngrx, the last one on React ﴾and redux﴿. Mostly with Material ﴾for Angular and React both﴿, one with PrimeNG, one with Bootstrap. Creating pipelines in azure devops, gitlab etc.

Interesting things:

  • DICOM images with Cornerstone.js library, canvas painting, movement etc
  • Highcharts and Recharts ‐ creating complicated charts with custom svg elements
  • "undo" functionality based on ngrx and immer.js

Senior developer – PS R&D (aka Nexign)

May 2016 → May 2018
javascript, angularjs, jasmine, lodash

Front‐end development ‐ an application in angular. Writing unit‐tests using jasmine+karma. Code review. A bit of markup using less.

Front‐end developer – ArtVisio

Mar 2015 → May 2016
angularjs, cordova, gruntjs, rest

Developed an spa mail application, key feature is an end‐to‐end encryption ﴾using hybrid method: aes + pgp﴿ for both messages and files. Used REST to communicate with the back‐end. I am responsible just for the interface part ‐ based on angularJS and a mobile app ﴾which is just another interface packaged with cordova﴿.

Developed a mobile app ﴾Apache cordova﴿ for that mail.

Developed a sample interface project ﴾again: angular, bootstrap, grunt﴿ to be used as a reference by other programmers in the company.

Programmer – Kavanga

May 2012 → Mar 2015
js, php, mysql, front‐end, node.js

Was involved in various company projects:

  • TrackTarget ‐ cpa advertising system: tracks user's activity on client's site ﴾internet shops mostly﴿ and reports if the user had made a "lead" ‐ achieved some goal ﴾number of pages, time on site etc﴿. Is still in use. I was responsible for database ﴾mysql﴿, back‐end ﴾php﴿, interface ﴾"vanilla" js﴿ and the tracking script ﴾also js﴿.
  • dsp.kavanga.ru and Republer ‐ identical projects from my point of view. I was responsible for the interface ﴾js, jQuery, ejs﴿ and the back‐end ﴾node.js﴿, though main logic was implemented in the database.
  • eCommece ‐ quite similar to TT, but the main goal of this app is to display a banner with specific goods to the specific user. Is still in use. Those goods are being collected from the user's activity on client's site and then processed on the server. The result is a banner ﴾of swf or html5 type﴿ to be shown to the user. I was responsible for the whole project: mysql, php and js at the interface ﴾with jQuery and ejs﴿.

Programmer – Telros‐Telecom

Mar 2011 → May 2012
php, perl, sql, cron

Implemented a network monitoring tool for the inner use in the company ﴾isp﴿. I was responsible for the whole project.

Technologies used: postgres as a database, php as a back‐end and the front‐end both ﴾just echoing the templates﴿. Snmp protocol was used to scan the network and Graphviz to create an interactive graph of the net. Other features: service engineers duty schedule, sms notification.

Programmer – Clever‐Soft

2010 → 2011
php, c#, sql

I was developing php module for creating reports ﴾i.e. huge complecated tables﴿ in pdf and odt formats. Tis module had two xml ﴾data and design of the table﴿ as its input and report in desired fornat as the output. During this development I got close to OO programming in php, creating sql functions ﴾plpgsql﴿, understanding of pdf and odt formats. Another task was to create SolidWorks plugin for our pdm system. It was written in C#. I had an experience in communicating with clients and installing our system in the client's network.


Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

Sep 2004 → June 2010

Have graduated the Faculty of Techical Cybernetics, Magister degree